Fiber Glass Refinishing

We’ve done extensive research and testing in the technical/underwater, chemicals resistance coating and swimming pool reconditioning fields and have developed a unique application with FIBERGLASS. Fiberglass is designed for in-ground plaster pools and drop-in fiberglass shells.

Fiberglass will add structural strength to your pool, as Fiberglass is by nature, stronger than concrete. Fiberglass has a non-porous surface, therefore algae cannot penetrate and chemical consumption is drastically reduced. Fiberglass will not tear as vinyl does, nor will it delaminate like pools that have been re-plastered. You will have virtually none of the problems associated with plaster or vinyl pools.

This unique product and our innovative installation technology have revolutionized the swimming pool industry. Architects and engineers have exclusively called for our product and our installation procedures. We have installed Fiberglass on plaster/gunite and vinyl/liner pools on city and state pools, as well as at public schools, hotels, motels, golf courses, resorts, apartment and residential pools.

10 Reasons Why FIBERGLASS Works

FIBERGLASS seals the pool interior including cracks, so there are no leaks.
FIBERGLASS offers a positive adherence to any surface.
FIBERGLASS has a smooth, textured, algae-resistant surface.
FIBERGLASS provides a durable surface which is virtually scratch and stain resistant.
FIBERGLASS keeps salts from adhering to pool walls which cause the interior to get rough.
FIBERGLASS reduces heating costs by 8% to 10% and keeps your pool warmer by 7 – 10 degrees.
FIBERGLASS has minimal shrinkage.
FIBERGLASS makes your pool easier to clean.
FIBERGLASS ensures that you will use fewer chemicals, and your pool will be more resistant to damages from those chemicals.
FIBERGLASS provides an attractive and desirable surface with a life expectancy of 15 to 25 years.